Updated letter from Fr.Yves Geffrard

Dear Notre Dame Catholic Church Family:

I truly miss interacting with you during the Celebration of Mass and our faith-based and social activities at Notre Dame Catholic Church. The Diocese of Palm Beach provided formal notification that Catholic Churches are closed to attendance or personal visits to combat the spread of the coronavirus. I am attaching a copy of this letter from Bishop Gerald Barbarito. It addresses many of the questions regarding this action.
Future updates and information regarding the Holy Week services will be posted to our website at www.notredamecc.com, our facebook page at @Notredamecatholicchurch/Fort Pierce, on twitter @Notre_damecc and Instagram @churchnotredamecatholic. The weekly bulletin will be produced and posted to the website each week. The Masses will continue to be celebrated on Sunday although public participation will be excluded. You may be in spiritual communion with the celebration of the Eucharist from home using “livestreaming” from our website and Facebook page, “Notre Dame Catholic Church Fort Pierce” on Sunday at 8 a.m. in English and 10 a.m. in Creole.
At this time, the parish staff is working from home or maintaining the required social distance. The financial difficulty caused by the coronavirus may require changes to the availability of staff as time progresses. It is essential that you know there is always a means by which the parish office can be contacted for assistance, and that a priest is available to members, even if only by phone. It is important to know the Parish is open and that Masses will be celebrated. The Sarah’s Kitchen will continue to serve carry-out meals each week, and at least one volunteer will be available at St. Vincent de Paul each morning if food supplies are available for those in need. Unfortunately, there are few canned goods available for the homeless. The Church Secretary will continue to perform secretarial, bookkeeping and Mass Intention scheduling from home. You may call Kathy at 772-448-8200. If you have an emergency need to speak to Fr. Yves, please call 772-971-9080. Our Father in Heaven is always available and we recommend you contact Him using this prayer.
Diocesan Prayer for God’s Protection in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Loving and gracious God, as in all times, we turn to You and implore Your protection and healing as we face a new threat to our health and peaceful well-being in the coronavirus pandemic before us. Help us to be united with each other and with all our brothers and sisters around the world affected by this illness. We pray for all those in the medical field who are assisting patients and in the field of science who are discerning a cure, as well as for all government leaders. Remember those who, through this virus, have passed from this life as well as their families in their loss.
At this time of fragile uncertainty, we also humbly implore You to grant us prudence, hope, courage and patience. Dispel from us fear, panic and distrust which disrupt us in spirit to the detriment of our well-being.
We make our prayer in the name of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who always cured those who were sick with various diseases and drove out many demons. Our Lady, Patroness of our Diocese, Queen of the Apostles and Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for us, Amen.
My final appeal is that you remember your Church during this pandemic time. The majority of our operation expenses continue even when our revenues cease. Only a few months of this can occur before we run out of money. I’m appealing to my entire Church family to continue your offerings and donations. You can mail your check to Notre Dame Catholic Church, 217 N. US 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34950, or use your credit card to send a donation through PayPal to Notre Dame Catholic Mission. I am deeply grateful to you and pray that you and your families remain healthy. May God bless you always,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Yves Geffrard

Our schedule for the Holy Week Liturgies.

New Schedule for our Live-Streamed Masses starting this week end

Dear Brothers and Sisters/ Frèm ak Sèm yo.

Due to the Coronavirus and in accordance with Bishop Barbarito, our public masses will be canceled until further notice.
There will be only live-streamed masses on our Facebook page starting this weekend. Here is the schedule for this weekend.
1-English Mass will be live at 8:00 Am
2-Creole Mass will be live at 10 Am.
We have Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday at 12:00 Pm, live-streamed as well.
We will notify you if there are any changes and We want you to know that we are keeping all of you in our prayers.
Please share it.
May God bless you!

Akoz de Coronavirus lan epi annakò avèk Evèk Dyosèz la Monseyè Barbarito, nou pap gen lamès nan legliz la pou gran piblik jan sa te konn ye a a pati de wikenn sa , jiskaske nou gen yon lòt modòd.
Sepandan wap ka swiv mès la sou Page facebook nou apati de wikenn sa. Men Orè lamès yo.
Mès anglè a: Dimanch a 8è nan matin.
Mès kreyòl la: Dimanch a 10zè nan matin.
Nou gen lamès ak adorasyon sen sakreman chak vandredi a midi. Nap bay li live sou page facebook la ak chèn Youtube legliz la.
Si ta gen yon chanjman , nap fè nou konnen epi nou vle asire nou ke kominote a ap kenbe nou tout nan lapriyè.
Se pou Bondye beni nou.
Tanpri fè mesaj sa pase pou nou. pataje ak tout moun nou konnen ke sa ka konsène.

Notre Dame Catholic Church

Video Recap of the Night of Joy 2019

Sur les pas de Jésus avec les Pères Yves Geffrard et Jules Campion à la terre Sainte.

Pèlerinage à la terre Sainte

Legliz Notre Dame ap invite nou vin viv yon eksperyans san parèy ak li nan mache ansam sou pa Jezi nan latè Sent.Gade videyo sa pou pi plis esplikasyon ak Pè Yves Geffrard

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