A spiritual concert to start the Advent time at Holly Cross Catholic Church in Vero Beach

Today, the St Michael Archangel and the Youth Choir were at Holly Cross Catholic Church in Vero Beach to perform a spiritual concert for the preparation of Christ coming at Christmas and as well for His second coming. Father Yves GEFRARD who is the Administrator of Notre Dame catholic Church was also performing his favorite song: One day at a time. It was a  very nice event. The Public was so happy and  asked  us to come back again for a new concert.

Markesha Thompson, our choreographer did not hide her satisfaction .

Here her opinion about this wonderful concert : ” Getting a chance to sing with the St Michael Archangel at a new church in a new environment was life-changing. Sharing our talent with the members of Holly Cross blessed my heart because I got to see their  expressions and as well their excitement”.

What a wonderful way to start the Advent time?

See you on Dec 24 for out last Concert.

Notre Dame

December 3, 2017.