Month of May :Month of Marie , A Message from Father Yves Geffrard

My brothers and sisters

The month of May is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, I would like to invite you to come closer to Mary to venerate her and to entrust you to her mediation. Let us thank her for her “fiat”, which today allows us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, because to speak of the redemption of the human kind, Mary is the first act of conscious and total cooperation to this redemption. Thank you, Mary, for saying Yes.

The month of May is also Mothers’ Month: Let’s pray for all moms around the world. Those who know how to take responsibility, who struggle daily with life and who never tired when it comes to fulfilling their mother’s duty. With the Virgin Mary, let’s put them in the sacred heart of Jesus.

The month of May is also the month of flowers: With the Virgin Mary, offer a bouquet of thanksgiving well perfumed to Him who came to offer himself in sacrifice so that the world is saved.

Brothers and sisters

In this troubled world, let us ask Jesus through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, his Mother, to give us peace of heart so that we are not diverted from his grace.

Let’s ask her to help us to accept with total availability the mystery of God in our lives, and to be able to love as she did.

Pray for peace in the world, pray for leaders around the world. Let’s ask our Lady of Peace to look at countries in war.

May we, through the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, who is so close to us and so close to God, be filled with the grace and mercy of God.

Pray for each other.

Rev. Father Yves Geffrard

Notre Dame Catholic Church

Fort Pierce

@May 2018

Month of May: Month of Mary